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INTERPOC in Brazil

The Brazilian market has consistently proven tremendous growth and economic opportunities. Let INTERPOC introduce some of those facts to you. Let INTERPOC identify, strategize, and deliver a successful business venture for your company in the Brazilian market.

Here are some facts you must consider:
  • is the eighth largest economy in the world.
  • The state of São Paulo is the most industrialized and the metropolitan area of greater São Paulo is the biggest industrial center in Latin America.
  • its foreign trade is the largest in volume and value of all the Latin American countries combined.
  • has the 2nd highest number of airports in the world.
  • has the 3rd largest road network on Earth.
  • has the 3rd largest inland waterway networks
  • presents a birth rate of 2.5 million people per year;
  • is a gateway to Mercosur;
  • borders ten countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guiana, Paraguay, Peru,
    Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela;
  • has the largest and most diversified industrial park in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • is the world’s largest producer of coffee, oranges and sugar-cane;
  • is home to the largest forest based industry in Latin America;
  • is one of the largest producers and exporters of rough and processed ore;
  • has large reserves of iron ore, bauxite, manganese, tin and gold;
  • is among the world’s top generators of electric energy;
  • offers an excellent railway and waterway system, alongside a vast coastline, with several harbors;
  • is among the world’s top producers of foodstuffs;
  • has one of the most modern telecommunications systems;
  • has one of the most modern and cutting-edge bank systems in the world;
  • has an installed capacity of 32.4 million tons;
  • is a large producer of consumer goods;
  • has a modern and competitive textile industry, with 30 thousand companies that trade US$ 21 billion
    per year;
  • has 22% of the world’s arable land;
  • offers excellent tourism infrastructure;
  • is visited by more than 5 million foreign tourists every year;
  • is the world’s first producer of commercial jets;
  • is the third largest producer of shoes in the world, with a highly competitive leather industry; 
  • is third among the producers of soda drinks;
  • is the fourth largest producer of commercial aircraft in the world;
  • has the fifth rubber industry;
  • is the sixth largest market for cosmetics, with US$ 9 billion of sales per year;
  • has the seventh largest chemical industry;
  • is the eighth largest producer of steel in the world (27 million tons per year);
  • is the tenth largest producer of automobiles (1.8 million vehicles per year);
  • has the tenth largest paper and cellulose industry.
The Free Trade Alliance and the SW International Trade Center will be hosting the 1st annual Business Brazil Conference - INTERPOC presented on business strategies for North American companies interested in the Brazilian market. Lire la suite >>