Service #4 - International Business and market evaluation
One offshore sale does not constitute an international business presence. In order to successfully expand abroad, your organization must leverage its existing business plan to conform to the market needs and expectation of your new target markets.

INTERPOC, through its international experience and resources, can help you maximize your presence abroad by guiding you to buy smarter, to develop local resources, to sale strategically, and to overcome cultural, ethnic and geographic disparities. The end result would be an effective business development initiative that maximizes your internal resources supported by INTERPOC’s expertise and global presence.

Among the services INTERPOC can provide to help your organization to achieve its international goals are:
  • Development of match-making agendas for business meetings
  • Identification of local contacts to support mission objectives
  • Overall logistics and on-site ground support (flight itineraries, visas, transportation, hotel reservations, meeting places, site visits and more)
  • Interpreter services: accompaniment to business and social meetings
  • Security and risk assessment: on the ground protection
  • Counseling and support services: legal, accounting, emergency, and more
  • Health facilities and emergency components during the mission
  • Consular contacts or embassy assistance