Service #1 - Closing the deal. INTERPOC resources help you succeed!
Knowing what steps to take to protect your business interest and deliver effective advice demands keen knowledge of the country, its culture, and the partners you are dealing with.

INTERPOC addresses those challenges for you by maintaining a comprehensive resource of seasoned professionals in important capacities such as legal, accounting, lobbying, marketing, sales, human resources, and others.

Specific elements of this service include:

Negotiation Stage
  • Stakeholder impact assessment
  • Decision-making evaluation
  • Corporate intelligence gathering
  • Background check on corporations and individuals
  • Banking, police and security reports
  • Contract negotiation services
  • Intermediary and representation services
  • Cross-cultural awareness and training
  • Human resource support on site
  • Logistics and operations management support
Remediation Stage
  • Risk mitigation mechanisms
  • Legal protection against Intellectual Property violation
  • Cash repatriation strategies
  • Accounting and legal support for offshore mitigation